IGNOU Assignments

IGNOU Assignments

The evaluation at IGNOU consists of two parts:
i) Assignments, and ii) Term-end examination (TEE).
In the final result, assignments of a course carry 30% weightage while 70% weightage is given for term-end examination.

How to find Total marks ?

Adding your assignment mark + Your TEE mark in the following way,:
0.3 x Your Assignment mark out of 100, Plus, 0.7 x Your TEE Mark out of 100, will give your total mark out of 100.
This is the total mark out of 100, considered in the final result. The pass mark required for IGNOU Degree courses is 35%. Hence, in order to successfully pass a course, your total marks(Assignment +Theory) must be 35 or above. It should be noted that, if you failed to submit assignmant of any course,you will not be able to apply/appear for theory exam (TEE) of that course and hence, its result stays failed.

General Rules

Submitting Assignments is compulsory for appearing in TEE. Students who are qualified for June Examination, must submit assignment by March, and those who are qualified for December exam, must submit assignment by October.

Last Date

Last date to submit assignment depends on your admission session (January/July). A general deadline for submitting assignment is given below. Before applying for theory examination (TEE), each learner should have submitted his assignment in due time. This is because, the University will be able to give you a score/grade, only if the University gets both your assignment as well as your TEE answer sheet.

Learners should also note the validity of each assignment question which is clearly mentioned in the cover page of each assignment question.

Bachelor's degree
Admission in Last Date Where to Submit
July Session April 30, Next Year.

Coordinator of the Study Center
or as per special instruction, if any.

January Session October 31, Same Year.

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